K.M. Walton
Simon & Schuster, 2012
312 pages, $18.99 CAN
ISBN – 978-1-4424-2916-1

Victor and Bull each have their own horror stories. Victor’s, however, is filled with the torment Bull puts him through on a daily basis at school and an emotionally abusive family. Bull’s consists of the drunken beatings of his mother and grandfather while living in almost poverty and hiding his love of reading. When they find themselves in the same room of the psych ward, some serious business goes down.

One day, Victor tries to end the pain of a loveless family and world of bullying by swallowing a bottle of pills. Bull tries killing his abusive grandfather but ends up shooting himself and finds himself in the same room as his main target – all while trying to explain that he wasn’t trying to kill himself.

Can they spend 5 days together, without beating each other and keeping their family lives secret? Can they put the past behind them and act civil to each other, if even for 5 days?

In this page-turning book, you will find yourself unable to put it down and will be thinking of Victor and Bull until you finally finish it.

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