Cyberbullying At An All-Time High—International Charity Calls on Educators to Respond

Cyberbullying At An All-Time High—International Charity Calls on Educators to Respond

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BullyingUSA Offers Teachers and Administrators a Certification Program to Combat Bullying

Bennington, Vermont, June 22, 2021—Cyberbullying is at an all-time high, and it’s a reasonable assumption that there will be an uptick in bullying, in general, when school resumes this fall. BullyingUSA—a program of BullyingCanada—aims to enable educators to prevent and intervene bullying situations.

It is widely acknowledged that cyberbullying is pervasive. Jerry Reimenschneider, a senior public relations specialist at Capital Blue Cross, says “It used to be when you were bullied, you had the refuge of your home. You could at least get away from it then, but now, we are connected to our internet devices all the time.”

Dr. Amber Sessoms, a psychologist who recently was named Pennsylvania’s School Psychologist of the Year, says, “You often hear people saying, ‘oh that’s just kids being kids,’ and we don’t understand the long-term of effects of that and it also helps us to disrupt the narrative that ‘kids are just being kids,’ so then we can start educating and take away the stigma that kids are feeling alone.”

BullyingUSA, drawing on over fifteen years of experience in bullying prevention and intervention, is offering a certification course for educators in Bullying Prevention and Intervention.

Rob Benn-Frenette, O.N.B., founder and executive director of the BullyingInternational family of charities says of the training, “Empowering teachers and administrators to effectively intervene and prevent bullying is of vital importance. Our youths are experience unprecedented levels of bullying, and we know that it leads to real, lasting consequences. Bullied youth are more likely to develop health problems, including the increasing risk of suicidal ideation. Bullied kids often see decreased academic performance. It is a crisis—one we can combat.”

The training is offered several times a year, with the next course being offered by BullyingUSA early this August. Successful participants will earn a certification that they can renew every two years—ensuring they stay abreast of the shifting changes in how to identify and combat bullying.

Educators may register for the training by visiting:


Interviews available upon request.

About BullyingUSA

BullyingUSA, a program of BullyingCanada and BullyingInternational, is an antibullying charity dedicated to kids across the United States. 

About BullyingInternational

BullyingInternational is dedicated to giving bullied kids a brighter future around the globe. It is a program of BullyingCanada, and it draws on over fifteen years of expertise and experience in delivering evidence-based, trauma-informed resources and services to those impacted by bullying—from youth and families to community organizations and schools. BullyingInternational protects and empowers youth across the globe to live their life safely and free from bullying.

About BullyingCanada

BullyingCanada Inc. is Canada’s premier—and first youth-created—anti-bullying charity. Founded by Rob Benn-Frenette, O.N.B. and Katie Thompson (Neu) in 2006, BullyingCanada has served hundreds of thousands of youths across the country by, amongst other initiatives, providing individual support, extensive resources, case management, scholarships, and presentations to schools and organizations.

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